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TigerCoin TGC

TigerCoin TGC is a fork of Bitcoin version 0.8, with addition of super random blocks.

AsicCoin ASC

AsicCoin ASC is A SHA-256 crypto-currency, is based on Bitcoin version 0.8, with super random blocks. It is a coin for ASICs!

PetroDollar (P$) Community

The PetroDollar (P$): Bringing the gold standard back to the world's oil industry.

Sicherheit: Electron Bitcoin Cash Wallet mit Sha1 verifizieren (Windows) Bitmain Antminer S1 180 Gh/s Bitcoin Miner SHA-256 USB Bitcoin Miner - The Power of 1000's Computers - YouTube HashFlare how to setup pools on SHA-256 mine Bitcoins. #One Coin 维卡币香港首矿仪式视频高清独家 标清

Bitcoin (BTC) is a PoW coin and is minable using the SHA-256 algorithm. Bitcoin is currently worth $ 9106.76 per coin. On 23rd February, a sharp-eyed Redditor on the /r/bitcoin page made a post pointing out that a long-standing bounty for discovering just such a SHA1 collision has now been claimed. Bitcoin Core price today is with a 24-hour trading volume of . It has a circulating supply of 0 coins and a max supply of 21 Million coins. In order to explore addresses and transactions, you may use block explorers such as You may have heard of various “cryptographic hash algorithms” like DSA, SHA-1, SHA 256, MD5, BLAKE, and RIPEMD. In case those terms flew over your head, just know that cryptographic hash functions relate to information security in our modern world. They are what allows the Bitcoin blockchain to remain decentralized, and therefore, secure. Februar hat ein aufmerksamer Redditor auf /r/bitcoin gesehen, dass das langjährige Kopfgeld für die Entdeckung einer SHA-1 Kollision nun ausgezahlt wurde. Das Kopfgeld, dass für die Veröffentlichung einer Schwachstelle im Algorithmus ausgesetzt wurde, wurde ursprünglich vom Kryptographie-Wissenschaftler Peter Todd im Bitcoin Talk -Forum im September 2013 ausgestellt.

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Sicherheit: Electron Bitcoin Cash Wallet mit Sha1 verifizieren (Windows)

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