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Metabank closed my account for buying/selling bitcoins

Today I received a text that there was a problem with my account and I should call. I called and was told the bank had closed my account due to "unacceptable use". I've had the account for over 3 years. I had it linked to my coinbase account and sold some btc yesterday. I have bought and sold many times with no issue. I can't help but think this has something to do with the recent central banks "crackdown". Whatever the case I have done absolutely nothing wrong or illegal in any way. They put a block on my account awhile ago when coinbase made 2 deposits to my account for verification. I had to call in and verify my identity to remove the block. I had a second account that I never use for bitcoin just in case this happened. Well they closed that one also. Please do not give Metabank your business if you support bitcoin.
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Russian bitcoin exchange is closed due to caution of Central Bank

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BTC-e under serious investigation by Bank of Russia

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Central Bank of Russia warn about using Bitcoin and Altcoins

Several hours ago Central Bank of Russia released a statement about cautions of using Bitcoin and other digital currencies on territory of Russian Federation. Due to "anonymus nature" of Bitcoin it can be used to help terrorism and laundering money. Producing (or mining) of virtual currency could be against the law.
This is done in preparation for so-called "anti-terrorist" legislation, one of which is just the statute of limitation of online payments. The bill still not accepted, but it can happen soon. Several days ago they accepted new regulations to online trading, which seriously limit internet commerce and dilivery services.
For now it looks very similar to China situation. Tomorrow I expect some reaction from BTC-e, so stay tuned. I try to deliver new information soon.
UPD1: some local news sites saying that Bitcoin as already banned.
UPD2: russian BTC-e chat begin to panic.
UPD3: one of the Russian exchanges, closed due to the CBR warning.
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Russian Bitcoin exchange shut down to Russian bitcoin ban (screenshot of page)
In short: Central Bank of Russia prohibits any (really any) usage of Bitcoin and will treat it as criminal activity and terrorism support.
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